The start of something special…

In September of 2017, PEI-born and raised comedian Shawn Hogan began planning a run of comedy shows with the newly renovated Mill River Resort. After two sold out shows and an overwhelming response from all in attendance, and with the full support of the resort, Shawn Hogan Productions is set to launch an all-new run of 3 shows this November.

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last year’s 2017 show

Last year we had the pleasure of hosting two nationally recognized comedians, Rob Pue and Rob Bebenek. With more than 30 years experience collectively between them, it quickly became obvious that these two touring veterans were going to blow the roof off of the place, filling this room full of West Prince community members with laughter for the entirety of the evening.

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Rob pue

As many found out in Mill River this year, Rob Pue is a comedic force to be reckoned with. He’s been one of the highest regarded Canadian comedians for years now, and will continue to be for many more. Since last year’s show you may have heard him featured all over the CBC, on the Debaters with Steve Patterson, Laugh Out Loud, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival…you name it, he’s done it.

If you didn’t get the chance to see his incredible set at our 2017 show, take a look at some of his stuff HERE!

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rob bebenek

Since starring in the inaugural Mill River Comedy Show, you may have seen Rob’s act all over CBC and youtube, because his Winnipeg Comedy Festival televised set got a ton of attention and received hundreds of thousands of views over just a few weeks. His video got all of these views for good reason, cause its hilarious!

Watch it HERE if you missed his stuff at last year’s Mill River show.

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